Congratulations to Toicer for winning the best Kingdom Plex award and Lardinho for winning the Acumen Inquest. Also congratulations to the other Inquest and Brawl winners Lady Hikaru, Grodd 2, Lord Ramza, and Raistlin Drakan. The next Inquest is scheduled for July 31st at 7:00pm EST.


Starting with the July Acumen Inquest, in order to be the winner of the best plex award your plex must must be fully built on the map the day of the Inquest and the previous day's map (viewed by clicking the back arrow located above the map picture). This means that instead of having to build your plex the night before the day of the Inquest, you will have to build your plex the night before the day before the Inquest and keep it defended until the maps are updated during the day of the Inquest.


Congratulations to Memorix for winning the best Kingdom Plex award and Lao for winning the Acumen Inquest. Also congratulations to the other Inquest and Brawl winners Heroicfool, Murion Kerchibard, Nutcancer, and Lord Shinobai. The next Inquest is scheduled for June 30th at 11:00pm EST.


Earthen items have been upgraded, each piece gives an additive chance of 3% to resist a void. This differs from the normal method used when adding chance increases, having 10 Earthen items equipped would give you a 30% chance of resisting a possible void/devoid.

The Lord Alchemar and all beasts more powerful than him have been upgraded. They now have Scepters of Annulment which will make attacking them with annul-able relics futile.

The changes of yesterday have made the game far more balanced, with monks still doing the most damage at end game with the best gear. Like all other classes, they can no longer rely on skills alone to do insane amounts of damage. Those of you who invested your time into your monk discipline and no longer wish to be a monk have been given the ability to swap some skills around. The /swapk command swaps MD with kingmanship, the /swapd command swaps MD with defensive. Anyone may now swap between those three skills freely with those commands, however, the commands will only work for the next month and a half. They will be discontinued the night of the June Inquest.


The 3 day ban has been reduced to a 2 day ban and is being used more regularly as a punishment for breaking the rules found by typing /faq while in game.

In an effort to achieve greater class balance the following changes have been made:

Monk skill increases past 99 will yield a 1.1x damage multiplier each as opposed to the 1.3x multiplier that the first 99 give.

Theurgist damage is now greatly assisted by the DLD, DLDv, DMD, and DMDv relics which now also includes a component which increases Theurg damage by a factor of 6.25.

Euphoric Obliteration has been added which is a rare ability that occurs based upon your criticality causing up to 100 times your normal relic damage. Euphoric Surge and Rush cause up to 25 and 10 times normal damage respectively whereas they used to cause exactly 25 and 10 times normal damage. Euphoric Rushes, Euphoric Surges, and the new Euphoric Obliteration can now all occur on beasts and guards.


Due to popular demand you may now purchase a Name Swap. Check the Money Order page for more details. This option cannot be made available through PayPal.


The Devil's Deliverance and DDD relic has had a damage multiplier of 2 added to it. This will allow other classes to surpass naked 99 skill monk damage given the proper equipment. This of course affects all D*D relics as well.


A new command has been added that will lower your level by 1 if it is odd. The command is /verywellthengoahead.


Congratulations to Agent of Darkness for winning the best Kingdom Plex award and Jesus Christ for winning the Acumen Inquest. Also congratulations to the other Inquest and Brawl winners Monk Of Drakken, Raistlin Drakan, Brega, and Archer of Crosis. The next Inquest is scheduled for May 30th at 7:00pm EST.


The drop rate for Earthen items has been increased.


Enraged Strike, Precise Shot, Mana Flow, and Theurgal Reprise now have the ability to do far more damage. Instead of multiplying your normal damage by a factor of 5 they now multiply your damage by the value of your Criticality which can be up to 125. This should help other classes compete with monk damage when attacking beasts.


Congratulations to Ruubz for winning the best Kingdom Plex award and Divine Feline for winning the Acumen Inquest. Also congratulations to the other Inquest and Brawl winners Warrior Of Might, Warrior Of Shadows, Lightning Striker, and Silentium Letalis. The next Inquest is scheduled for April 30th at 11:00pm EST.


Due to some emergency maintenance the RWK server was offline for nearly the past 24 hours. The faulty hardware was replaced and no damage was done. The Acumen Inquest has been rescheduled for April 4th 6:00pm EST. To make up for the downtime there will be a much larger beast invasion than usual following the Inquest. As usual no beast lists will be cleared and the max level will not change until after the Inquest. Also to make things fair to those who worked hard on building plexes, there will be two plex winners for this month. The first winner is Cbmaddox for the Sky border plex. The next winner will be based on the maps on the day of the Inquest as usual. The same plex cannot win this next prize, nor can the winning plex of last month.


Archer's bows will now affect "first attack" and "second attack" properly.


The statistics on Demonic/Earthen items given yesterday's announcement did not include the properties given when an armor type is flagged as "Durability". This provides an additional 15% defense factor boost and 15% Dur boost and has always been present. All dropped Demonic/Earthen armor is "Durability" but no weapons have these bonuses.


A problem was fixed with archers that forced left hand items to be calculated as if they were bows and right hand items to be calculated as if they were arrows even if you had an arrow in your left hand and bow in your right hand.

The stat bonuses for Earthen and Demonic items has been greatly increased. They now both yield a 44% boost to Str and Ntl as opposed to 26% and a 26% boost to Dur as opposed to 10%. Theurgists now greatly benefit from Earthen and Demonic items: each piece they equip improves their damage by 70%. Additionally, Theurgists now have a percentage chance of a second cast which is equal to 10 multiplied by the amount of Earthen/Demonic items they have equipped. With 8 equipped, for example, you would have an 80% chance of having two casts instead of one.


Never view/run/unzip the attachments in e-mails you receive unless you know who sent it and were expecting it. Simply because an e-mail says it was from a certain address does not mean it truly came from that address. It is very easy to fake e-mail origination and spam viruses take full advantage of it. Glitchless, Race War Kingdoms and Paypal never send e-mails that request information such as your login/password or that have attached files. Use common sense when viewing e-mails! Chances are the "free porn screensaver" was not sent to you by a good samaritan who learned of your loneliness, but rather it was automatically sent from the computers of other idiots who opened the attachment.


Congratulations to Stefan The Saint for winning the best Kingdom Plex award and Lao for winning the Acumen Inquest. Also congratulations to the other Inquest and Brawl winners Jesus Christ, Mikeyii, Warrior Of Shadows, and Soultaker. The next Inquest is scheduled for March 31th at 6:00pm EST.


The hour of 5x bonus to war damage after using quake was only working on the first kingdom in your attack path, that has been fixed and thus is even more powerful.

The quake keeper now offers an element for the price of 999 runes that offers a 10x multiplier to the effectiveness of all your kingdoms' runes that lasts until the hour change. This can be used by wealthy plex owners to foil a quake attack.

War messages now reflect the recent quest additions.


New options added for war message filtering. The default is now "See Some Yellow War Messages" which randomly discards 9 out of 10 of the messages so that you can keep an eye on the wars being waged without being spammed. This has no effect on the private war messages you get when you are attacked. You can still view every yellow war message if you desire by selecting that option.


To further clarify the bonus effect of using a tecton element to create an earthquake: The player who used it will have a 5x bonus to all war damage for that hour. This means that any kingdom you attack for the remainder of the hour will lose 5 times the normal amount of troops and fortifications. This effect does not stack with itself (if you used two quakes with the same character during the same hour the effect would still only be 5x) nor does it stack with Besiege or Assail. It stacks with everything else, however, namely the war enhancing relics and quest items. This is a very powerful ability that few players have yet to utilize. A defensive element of similar nature will be added in the near future.


Regeneration now has an effect past 99. Every skill point you get past 99 gives you an extra 1% durability boost prior to relic calculations. At a skill of 125 you would have a 26% boost to durability.

The skill Defensive has had a large increase in strength past 99. At a skill of 125 damage dealt to you will be divided by 832 as opposed to 32. The power at 99 is still the same; damage is divided by 25.

When attacking a kingdom with 250,000,000 or less troops at a time there is only a 1 in 10 chance of it going yellow.

New Quest added, speak with Quake Keeper for information on how to obtain an essence element that allows you to cause an earthquake in a single target kingdom. Quake damage has been changed since it was discovered by players this morning. There is no longer any damage done to morale, but the random damage done to Soldiers, Archers, Catapults, and Trebuchets is now twice as severe.

The reward for the best plex award has been changed from a D*D or SoS to $500 credit to spend as they wish on RWK items. The reward for the first place Inquest winner is still $250 credit. Credit can be used on any character. All plex and Inquest winners receive the /quick ability and an approbation as always.

Yet another beast has been added that has new item drops.

The effect of the new earthquake ability has an added bonus of a 5x multiplier to war damage dealt by the user for the remainder of the hour. This stacks with everything except Assail and Besiege.

The two new beasts have been upgraded and beast heals go yellow.


Tradeable items are no longer purchasable via Paypal, only money order.

If you trade characters with someone who turns out to be a Paypal frauder you will be banned. If a Paypal frauder buys upgrades for your character and you accept them you will be banned. If someone buys your character an upgrade that you did not want you can report it to help@racewarkingdoms.com. Do not trade for characters that are newly created, not high level, or otherwise are not well known or you risk losing all your accounts. This has nothing to do with Paypal transactions that you do amongst yourselves for items and gold; it is only in regard to character trading or having frauders buy YOUR character paypal upgrades from Glitchless. Many of you make money by selling items and gold to other players, often new ones, and this has no impact on those types of transactions.

There will be some additions soon that will make larger plexes with rune walls safer for storing wealth than having sole 999 rune kingdoms. Consider this your warning if you have high runed kingdoms, make sure they are placed deep inside your plex if you want to ensure their safety.

A new beast has been added that has a chance of Demonic Drops, Devoid Drops, and always grants a skill when killed. It is on a seperate beast list meaning you can kill 1 per month regardless of what other beasts you have killed.

Beginning on the 15th there will be an addition to warfare. Players with the ability to attack multiple kingdoms at once will receive an offensive damage bonus to the first kingdom in their path under the following circumstances:

Assail - If you have the ability to attack 2 or 3 kingdoms at once and the first kingdom in your path is an enemy kingdom and you own the second kingdom in your path then you will do 10 times normal damage to the first kingdom.
Besiege - If you have the ability to attack 3 kingdoms at once and the first kingdom in your path is an enemy kingdom and you own the second and third kingdom in your path then you will do 25 times normal damage to the first kingdom.

Note that these warfare benefits can occur only if you attack in a cardinal direction (N, S, E, W). These changes will not weaken the strength of runed plex walls since a person must be on either side of a kingdom to gain the benefits. In fact this is more of a defensive bonus than an offensive one since it will help plex owners remove high rune single kingdom "freckles" left by attackers aimed at extortion. The maximum number of units destroyed is still capped by the amount of units you attack with which essentially means you will not notice any benefit from these unless you are attacking a kingdom with a significant amount of runes (since the amount of units killed is generally much lower than the amount of units with which you attack).


A large number of macroers have been caught recently, many of which were on high level characters. Contrary to popular belief there has not been an additional macro check built into RWK but rather we have just been using an old method more frequently. Your account is locked and monitored by a person to see your reaction. When your account is locked it shows in huge lettering in the battle window (not chat) so it is as impossible to miss as a normal security check. No amount of lag or computer problems can cause an error in this check. If you continue to do actions without responding to the locked message you are banned. If you are idle or AFK we can tell since you won't be clicking any action buttons and your account will be unlocked for you. So unless you are macroing, dumber than a macro, or playing with your eyes closed you will have no problem passing this check. Also to keep the nonsense excuses to a minimum, playing with your eyes closed is not allowed.


Congratulations to Raydenn for winning the best Kingdom Plex award and Lardinho for winning the Acumen Inquest. Also congratulations to the other Inquest and Brawl winners Lao, Fist Of Flames, Alacu2, and Oddbin. The next Inquest is scheduled for Feb 28th at 10:00pm EST.


When a single kingdom plex or group of plexes is surrounded completely (or partially in the case of edge and corner plexes) by a clean and adjacent border of kingdoms, the entire mass will be treated as a single plex for the purposes of the kingdom plex competition. If such a plex should happen to win then the owner of the border kingdoms would receive the reward. This entire plex would then be inelligable for the reward next month although the same person may win the reward twice in a row with a seperate plex elsewhere on the map as has always been the case. This is meant to allow for cooperation in plex building, but it should be noted that border kingdoms could be placed in cooperation or aggression and the result would be the same. As always the most important factors in plex judging are cleanliness and size.


Congratulations to Sweet Zombie Jesus for winning the best Kingdom Plex award and Strydor for winning the Acumen Inquest. Also congratulations to the other Inquest and Brawl winners Agent Of Saruman, Jesus Christ, Moogle of Gore, and Darkbark. The next Inquest is scheduled for Jan 31th at 8:00pm EST.


The winner of the Inquest and the winner of the Kingdom Plex competition can now receive either an SoS package or D*D awarded to the character of their choice since they are both the same value.

Please note on the mail-in order forms after you print it there is now a space to write the name of the character to contact should double credit be awarded. You may leave it blank if it's the same character that is receiving the purchased item. See the bottom of this page for information on double credit.


Armsman and Magician type classes no longer require an empty slot. Armsman classes can use a sword and a shield and Magician classes can use a damage spell and a heal spell. This should help single attack configurations be more viable for dueling.


Congratulations to Lao for winning the best Kingdom Plex award and Lardinho for winning the Acumen Inquest. Also congratulations to the other Inquest and Brawl winners Graffix, Agent Of Saruman, Monk Of Drakken, and Drakken Deathlord. The next Inquest is scheduled for Dec 29th at 11:00pm EST.


The original info for the Devoidance relic stated it was possible for a Devoidance to void another Devoidance although this was never the case nor will be as it would give too much of an advantage to the attacker. The notes about this relic on the help site have been updated. One pecularity about the Devoidance relic that will remain is that when a relic that contains Devoidance as a component is voided or devoided it is stripped of all its powers except all the Devoidance component powers meaning it keeps the 10% Mes Resist and Confusion component. This is unlike when a Voidance or a relic containing a Voidance component is voided in which case only the voiding properties remain, not the Confusion component found on a normal Voidance. Of course, if a Voidance or relic containing just a Voidance component is devoided then none of its powers remain. If this seems mind boggling don't worry, you probably won't ever own a Devoidance relic anyways.


When at max level with skills set to 99% you will no longer gain small amounts of experience which may have been an annoyance to those who have already shifted their stats.


The delay bar in RWK is a tool that allows players to guage how long they need to wait before they can do another action. The bar also, however, prevents the player from doing another action until it is completely expired. The delay bar cannot take into account other delays such as your latency or a poor performing computer which can cause your delay in between actions to be greater than the server requires. Some players have found it to be beneficial to disable the delay bar by editting the javascript interface that RWK uses (this is not hacking). Because we do not wish to allow some players to have this advantage we have decided to create a feature that keeps the delay bar from preventing you from doing another action before it has expired. Doing actions too quickly with this disabled will easily get you 10 second penalties. This is an advanced feature that is not recommended for the average player. The commands for toggling this are /disable and /enable.


Congratulations to Draegon Carsen for winning the best Kingdom Plex award and Lardinho for winning the Acumen Inquest. Also congratulations to the other Inquest and Brawl winners Heroic Monk, Pink Pussy, Wrath, and Yourgonnagetpissed. The next Inquest is scheduled for Nov 29th at 10:00pm EST.


A new command /sa has been added, see the Actions page for details. The /sa, /da, /sr, and /br commands now work in your current kingdom when a location is not specified.

A new dungeon zone of great misery, having a coordinate product of many leagues under the sea and also a sum equal to the length of a plane this new place is sure to drive you insane.


The Mine Keeper offers a new quest.


This is a reminder for those who hope to have a chance in the Best Kingdom Plex competition that takes place after the Inquest (judged using the maps generated the night before) that plexes are judged on how well they stand out on the maps thus size and clean or outlined edges are key. Feel free to nuke the competition.


New commands for Scepter of Harnessed Hatred owners: /repair and /fortify. See the Actions page for details.


New NPC added: Rune Keeper.


Speak with the Pub Keeper for information regarding a new quest.


The requirements for a kingdom battle to go to yellow text have been lowered to help players protect their allies when they are not online. As a reminder for those who do not wish to view the yellow war messages, you can disable them from your options menu.


A new command /ash has been added to determine how much ash you have accumulated.

Muted players cannot trade or give gold.

Trading and embezzling will allow you to waste up to 1 million gold to make it easier to hit your 2 billion gold max.


Congratulations to Arcanum Mortuum for winning the best Kingdom Plex award and Divine Feline for winning the Acumen Inquest. Also congratulations to the other Inquest and Brawl winners Black Knight, Lardinho, Shuckanator, and Spectral Falconer. The next Inquest is scheduled for Oct 29th at 5pm EST.

An Ancient beast has been added to the game, slaying this beast will yield a much higher chance of acquiring a Demonic or Ancient drop. The catch is if you have slain any other type of beast you will not be able to touch the Ancient beast until the next Inquest. Likewise if you have slain the Ancient beast you may not touch any other type of beast until the Inquest. There is no limit on the amount of Ancient beasts you may slay in a given month, however. This is designed to have the uber players that no longer profit much from slaying the original beasts move on to slay the new beast giving other players a better chance to kill beasts.

The Puddle Keeper now has another quest.

A filter for blocking trivial gold gives has been added to the options menu. Anything under 500 million is considered trivial by the filter.


Referral system has been deactivated. It was earning RWK a bad reputation due to spammers.

A new relic combo has been added and mesmerization resistance has been added to Devoidance.


Players who have a bow and arrow equipped but no spells equipped will be considered Archers, not Theurgists. The Cnc bonus remains since it is now considered a product of removing spells, not of being a Theurgist.

If you have 10 approbations or blessings all enhanced with elements and you give the Surface Hermit another element he will replace an existing element upgrade with the new one. The one that will be replaced is the first one that differs from the element you have given him.

Message Vogar for information regarding a new quest.


For monks attacking accuracy now only affects agility and not dexterity. This will have no effect on combat but will be reflected by the /st and /re commands.

A power index based on all your character's modded stats has been added to the /st and /re commands.


Some kingdom plexes had some unsightly freckles caused by image compression. The problem has been fixed, however, some king's colors will change slightly due to the new method. Changes will take effect after the next map update.


The rewards for the Acumen Inquest and Best Kingdom Plex have been increased. From now on the Inquest will be divided into 3 groups. The highest level group will have 64 participants. The second group will have 32 and the third will have 16. Because of this new setup more people will be able to participate in the event and also more people will be in group 1 thus having a shot at the grand prize. The winner of each Inquest group, the runner-up in group 1, the winner of the Best Plex, and the winner of the all level brawl held before the Inquest will receive the usual /q ability and approbation. Rather than receive a Demonic item, however, the winner of group 1 and the winner of the Best Plex will each receive one of the new special DD relics of their choice. Keep in mind that the number 1 criteria that Kingdom Plexes will be judged on is their appearance on the map. Fortitude is merely what keeps your competitors from nuking your plex into an ugly mess. Also remember that the maps are generated after the daily reset so make sure your kingdoms are in top condition the night before the Inquest because those are the maps that will be used for judging.


There are now several relic combinations that yield greater powers. Info can be found on the help site.

The /sr ability has been added to the abilities granted by the Devil's Opulent Deliverance, allowing you to purchase 1 rune at a time instead of 2.

After every Inquest there will now be a reward given to the player with the most aesthetically pleasing kingdom complex as viewed on the maps. Kingdoms will be judged on size, symmetry, fortitude, and contrast with its surroundings.

In an effort to more closely balance class strengths the following abilities that are effective on all targets except guards (players, monsters, beasts) have been added:
Master of Arms and Master Berserkers now have a 10% chance of an Enraged Strike which is half the strength of a Devastating Blow.
Grandmaster Bowman now have a 4% chance of a Precise Shot which is half the strength of a Devastating Blow.
Master Magicians and Master Wizards now have a 5% chance of a Mana Flow which is half the strength of a Mana Rush.
Masters of the Arcane now have a 3% chance of a Theurgal Reprise which is half the strength of a Mana Rush.


Kingdom interest and peasants starving message filter added to the options.


An error in the buy items page has been fixed and you are now able to purchase the newly added items.


In celebration of RWK's 2 year anniversary a new line of relic upgrade quests has been added. The Surface Hermit is the keeper of the information necessary to unravel the quests, but he will only speak of it to those with power in its purest form. Note that the quests require drops that have an equal chance of occurring to all players so that while not everyone who plays will obviously be able to have the most powerful items in the game, (since they'd then be common and no longer powerful) everyone can still profit from the new additions with a bit of luck.

Trade restrictions on items enchanted with upgraded super relics have been removed.

The buy items page has been updated. The newest relics (details can be found by typeing /help in the game) can now be purchased via money order.


Congrats to Durtze, Unfair Destiny, Voxy, Cooldude3000, Lardinho, Beasty, and Mr Wilson for their victories at the recent Inquest. The next is scheduled for September 30th at 9pm EST.


To help with the confusion over the auction rules we have simplified them: You may not sell anything or ask for any price check, item, service (clickers, runners, etc), or form of payment (money order, Paypal, etc) unless it is in auction.

If you are muted and you get on another character before the mute wears off and speak in chat you will be 3 day or permanently banned without question. If you feel you've been unfairly muted your only option is to send an email to help@racewarkingdoms.com and the matter will be investigated. Mute evasion or false claims to unfair muting will result in banning.


The player lists under Give Gold, Give Kingdom, and Trade will not automatically update to prevent trading with the wrong person. To update them manually simply click on any player's name and it will refresh the list. The duel list still automatically updates. Also a bug was fixed that made player names remain in kingdoms sometimes even when they moved.


A new feature has been added under Options that allows you to link a picture. You may link any picture you wish as long as it is not offensive or against the Terms of Use. To view another user's picture you can click their name twice or type /p PLAYERNAME.


Congrats to Trainer, Deep Throat, Bloodbath, Divine Feline, Silentium Mortis, Iaulus, and Shuckanator for their victories at the recent Inquest. The next is scheduled for August 30th at 9pm EST.


New top lists showing the players with the highest total crafting skill and highest single crafting skill.


New and more powerful items added to the game that are rare drops off high level beasts. The cost to chant these items is extreme but can be avoided if you have an Essence Element of Enchantment in your inventory which will be consumed instead.

The extra reward for the winner of the highest level group in the Acumen Inquest has been upgraded to a Demonic gift of his/her choice: Weapon, Spell, Heal, Bow, Arrow, or Armor Piece.


The Palace Keeper now offers the ability to undo the changes on enhanced super relics so that they may be traded. You do not get the essences back that were initially used to improve the relic, however.


We do not endorse, under any circumstances, the trusting of other persons with your game items and/or characters! Doing so is ill-advised and will put your items and account in jeopardy. We will not help you recover stolen or scammed items or characters, be it a clever thief or a friend who has betrayed your trust. There are far too many daily transactions for us to attempt to police them and because of this it would be unfair of us to help some but not others. Likewise, if a character you have allowed to borrow an item of yours is banned then your item will be unrecoverable.

From now on there will be a Beast Invasion following every Acumen Inquest before the monthly slayers lists are reset. Over 20 beasts will spawn in rapid succession in Heaven, Sky, Dungeon, and Hell.

Rune purchases have been upgraded to 999 instead of 500 runes on the buy items page.


Congrats to Troglidite, Lagpipe, Peaceful Gremlin, Warrior of Death, Gildanster, Hung Long Dong, and Mene Mene Tekel for their victories at the recent Inquest. The next is scheduled for July 29th at 1pm EST.


We apologize for the downtime RWK suffered due to an IP migration gone haywire. To make up for it we have decided to have a Beast Invasion that will occur on June 28th following the Acumen Inquest. Even surface dwellers will be able to participate in this monumental event so don't miss it!


With 125,000+ active player accounts Race War Kingdoms is the world's true #1 web browser game!

The Change Email Option has been modified to allow you to change your email without confirmation from your current email address. A 7 day wait period has been imposed for using this method, however, during which it may be cancelled by typing /cancel. If you have an email change pending you will be notified of the pending address and the number of days until the change will take place everytime you log on. This will allow those of you who do not have a current valid email address to change your email to a working one if you desire. If your current email is operational you may still change your email instantly in the same way you always have been able to.

Some changes were made to the buy items page, you can now purchase 500 runes for $100 or a max kingdom with 500 runes for $125 and the price for 1.2 billion gold has been lowered to $20. These items can only be purchased via Cashier's Check/Money Order. If your order page has not been updated hit refresh on your browser.

War Message Filtering has been added to your in game Options.


Congrats to Cooldude3000, Dennis The Menace, Lil Bouncer, Lao, Benghlo, Alaric Morgan, and Count Rinswind for their victories at the recent Inquest. The next is scheduled for June 28th at 9pm EST.

The ability to link (type /link for details) other potential players to the game and receive a gold reward has been altered slightly with more stringent rules concerning the originating IP address in order to prevent fraudulent links. There is nothing wrong with linking yourself to test the operation and collecting the reward; only extreme and purposeful exploitation is prohibitted. After every inquest the viable IP addresses will be reset (much like the beast lists are) and the top lists as well so the competition may begin anew for linkers.


Transporting will not prevent you from moving too much of a unit anymore but rather it will transport the most that it can without causing any losses.


New /alch ability added for those who have completed the latest quest which will assist in handling mass amounts of gold.

In order to make storing money in runes a more viable option, the effect that runes have on defense has risen substantially and where the effect was previously capped at 100 runes you now gain benefit all the way up to 999. Fortifications have also been upgraded to make them a more crucial aspect of a safe kingdom. Those who focus on nuking should bear in mind that the best tactics may have changed, and more attention may need to be placed on wearing down a kingdom's fortifications with catapults and trebs before sending in the troops.


Archers now do twice the damage to defending soldiers, but no damage to Moats, Walls, and Cannons. The effectiveness of Moats, Walls, and Cannons has been increased.


Runes now have a greater effect on a kingdom's ability to fend off attackers. A quest series has been added that grants new improved war waging techniques. Overthrowing and couping no longer resets kingdom hourly attack/transport variables.


Kingdom attackers now have a chance for their attack to become a sneak attack and thus lose no attacking forces. This chance depends on kingmanship. Likewise all attackers have a chance of being ambushed depending on the defending king's kingmanship.

Archers are now immune to cannons and moats, making them a more viable attacking force.

The RWK interface now remembers your last crafted item.


A new /link feature has been added that will allow for a competitive and profitable way to help spread the word about RWK! Just type /link when in game to receive full instructions.


Congrats to Cooldude3000, Urdaddy, Shibbey, Vampireofdarkness, Mystic Vamp, Chosen 1, and Speedy Gonzales for their victories at today's Inquest. The next is scheduled for May 27th at 3pm EST.

3/29/2003 has been revised with more innate resistances to help classes that have been lagging behind in Inquests.


WARNING: When trading with another character, be it a kingdom, gold, or item, there is now a very small chance that it will be made public. This has NOT been done to eliminate the usage of "nuke mules" but to increase the risk of trying to conceal your identity for the purposes of sabotage. Do NOT take this to mean that it is against the rules to do such things, sabotage is a part of war and thus is a part of RaceWarKingdoms and is not frowned upon by Glitchless. It is up to the players to make and enforce the rules by which RWK is played.


The upgraded versions of all 4 super relics now have added resistances, details can be found on the help page.

The Master Bowman class now receives an additional 10% resistance to voidance.
The Grandmaster Bowman class now recieves an additional 20% resistance to voidance.
The Armsman class now recieves an additional 10% resistance to voidance.
The Master of Arms class now recieves an additional 20% resistance to voidance.
The Berserker class now receives an additional 5% resistance to voidance.
The Master Berserker class now receives an additional 10% resistance to voidance.
The Magician class now recieves an additional 5% resistance to voidance.
The Master Magician class now recieves an additional 10% resistance to voidance.
The Wizard class now receives an additional 3% resistance to voidance.
The Master Wizard class now receives an additional 5% resistance to voidance.
The Blood Tyrant and Bloodletter class now receives an additional 20% resistance to voidance.

The Master of Fists class now receives an additional 20% resistance to mesmerization.
The Armsman class now recieves an additional 10% resistance to mesmerization.
The Master of Arms class now recieves an additional 20% resistance to mesmerization.
The Berserker class now receives an additional 5% resistance to mesmerization.
The Master Berserker class now receives an additional 10% resistance to mesmerization.
The Magician class now recieves an additional 5% resistance to mesmerization.
The Master Magician class now recieves an additional 10% resistance to mesmerization.
The Wizard class now receives an additional 3% resistance to mesmerization.
The Master Wizard class now receives an additional 5% resistance to mesmerization.


Congrats to Rinswind, Agent of Saruman, Cooldude3000, Petermanna, Lady Salmakia, Mystic Vamp, and Gay Hairdresser for their victories at today's Inquest. The next is scheduled for April 26th at 9pm EST.


Gold rushes now show the correct amount of gold received.


This is a reminder to read the info page to learn how to keep your account(s) safe. Do not let other players know what your account's e-mail address is unless they can be trusted. Hotmail and AOL accounts are notorious for being easily hacked so be cautious and do not give people your AOL nicks or MSN addresses since this indirectly gives them your e-mail address.


Congrats to Agent of Saruman, Jadar Veovis, Jesus Christ, Lady Salmakia, and Treker! The next Inquest is scheduled for March 25th at 4pm EST.


A new zone was added to the surface with very rich monsters that are much more likely to give gold rushes.


The kingdom interest message has been modified to reduce spam. Interest is still calculated in the same way, however, now you receive only one message with the cumulative interest total.

New kingmanship enhancement described on the Info page.


The cost to craft Encephalon Decay and Vogar's Vice has been changed to be what was originally intended.


New relics are now craftable. The relic crafting skill requirements have been modified slightly and do not follow an exact pattern, however, you can assume the higher a relic is on the list the higher the required skill.


Several new beasts, quests, and relics added to the game. In addition to the special Essence Element drops, the new beasts and some pre-existing beasts can now drop special armor and weapons of extreme strength.

Several new items added to the buy items page.

Special high end non-craftable armor and weapon beast drops are now tradeable.

A problem was fixed that prevented Devil's Deliverance users from getting the full benefit of their relic when fighting beasts. The problem would have been most prevalent for fighters and casters.

Due to the new beast drops, the limitation put on people with 10 DotB approbations concerning which beasts they can attack has been removed. There was an easy way around it without this change, however, now players won't have to sacrifice a DotB just to be able to attack all beasts.

There has been some controversy over the recent additions to the game, namely that of the tradeability of upgraded super relics. This has been done mainly to remove some of the many super relics from circulation, thus raising their value and also to give players a new avenue by which to perfect their characters by making careful and deliberate decisions rather than simply collecting and equipping what is commonly thought to be the best relics for his or her character type.

The amount of craftable items has been increased. Relic crafting skill requirement slightly modified at the high end for balance purposes.


Congrats to Guise, Rinswind, Speedy Gonzales, Jesus Christ, and Whydontwenukeyou! The next Inquest is scheduled for February 24th at 11pm EST.


Unlike other games of its genre, Race War Kingdoms does not condemn the trading of game assets for real money, however, we will not take responsibility or participate in any way when it comes to such transactions. This means if someone scams you, you will not be entitled to any assistance on our part. What we do offer is the following advice and information:
The safest way to do monetary transactions is by sending a money order via the United States Postal Service's Expressmail service.

All mail sent by this method will come with a tracking number that will be active the day it was shipped or at the very latest one business day after. You can check the status of the order here or by going to www.usps.com and clicking Track/Confirm. If the sender fails to produce a tracking number that is valid within the above time frame then he is, without a doubt, lying about sending the mail.

Any deal that sounds too good to be true definitely is. Make sure you can trust the person you are dealing with. Don't deal with anyone who hasn't already purchased for himself the item he claims he will be purchasing you. Asking around the RWK community to see if the person is highly regarded is a plus, but keep in mind that a person who has done successful transactions in the past is not guaranteed to continue to do so.


In addition to receiving a free Max Kingdom in the location of their choice, the winners of tonight's Acumen Inquest will receive a new permanent ability that will allow them to more quickly teleport to spawned beasts.

Grats to Guise, Weyakin, Jadar Veovis, Haba The Vamp, and Deathrugg! The next Inquest is scheduled for January 23rd at 6pm EST.


The move to the new server is complete! Enjoy a lag free RWK!

SoC and DH upgraded to a 60% stat boost.

Two new relics similar yet superior to Death Spike have been added and can be found only on the Surface. Special beast drop only relics also added.

Note to AOL and Compuserve users: There is a known problem between two Netrail.net routers which is causing a bottleneck in traffic for users who's packets are routed through them. This is not related to our server upgrade and is not something that we can remedy. Hopefully the problem will be fixed soon by those who have authority over the problem routers.


Over the next couple days we will be moving Race War Kingdoms to a faster server with more bandwidth. The amount of time you will be unable to access the server could be anywhere from 1 to 24 hours, depending on how quickly the new DNS information propagates to your locality.


The problem causing static relic damage to diminish while attacking beasts has been fixed.


Base line relics, Vampire's Scorn (due to base line component), Blood Bath, and Vampiric Leech have been upgraded. Type /help in chat for more details. Note: This will NOT change which relics are available for blessings/approbations.

Blood Pinch and Calling of Lestat can no longer be annulled.

Repeated beast healing now gets you automatically muted.


Nice new ability given to Templars, check out the Actions page for all the details.


Drop rates in special zones have been increased again to be closer to the old insanely high rate despite the fact that this rate was originally unintentional.


A series of Archer quests have been added to give them a much needed boost due to their lack of special weapons (light, heavy, precise). The quests have the ability to open some inventory space for all classes, however.

Beast defense tweaking finalized.


Muted characters cannot attack beasts until mute period ends...so do not auction in shout, beg, spam, post trivial gold transfers, or misbehave!

Beasts further upgraded for a longer, more satisfying slaying sensation.


Beasts upgraded.


Guards upgraded.

The chance of awaking beasts has greatly increased.


The Scepter of Annulment has been added to the SoS Package. If your SoS Package is currently in transit you will receive the Scepter with it, however, any SoS Packages that have already been received by characters will not gain the benefit of this upgrade.


A new item has been added to the buy items page: The Scepter of Annulment.


When slaying Lord Alchemar or an Unborn Torment there is a slight possibility of finding an item that exceeds the power of any crafted item. Because of this, players with 10 of the best approbations are still allowed to kill one of these beasts per month whereas they cannot attack lesser beasts.

Grats to Guise, Theonlystd, Aitrus, Wrath, and Deathrugg, the winners of today's Acumen Inquest. The next Inquest is scheduled for 9PM EST Dec 22nd.


This is a reminder that The next Inquest is scheduled for November 21st, 5pm EST.

The winners of this upcoming Acumen Inquest and future Inquests will receive an approbation and 1 billion gold.


The highest grade armor, Enlightened Everbearing now has a 20% bonus to Str and a 20% bonus to Ntl for each piece you equip in addition to the 5% durability bonus.

A note on class balancing issues: The strength of a particular class cannot be measured by the amount of damage it deals to a beast. Each class has different strengths and weaknesses and performs better in different areas of the game such as speed leveling, beast slaying, keep farming, Player vs. Player, etc. Any class, given an intelligent relic combo and a bit of luck, can win an Inquest. So don't complain if your max level, fully-approbated character is having trouble stealing every beast kill from up-and-coming characters of other classes - that's not how the game was designed.


Typing /stat or /relic will now also show you what class your character is. Note that class is determined by things such as stat ratios, equipped items, skills and in some cases your level; the exact formula will not be revealed, however.
To eliminate problem character interference and also to prevent players from using the same equipment on multiple characters during inquests trading will not be permitted once the inquest begins.


A new policy that benefits those who overnight mail orders is now in effect. Visit the mail order page for details.


Glitchless does not endorse the trading/selling of characters. Glitchless will not change the e-mail address on your account for any reason, especially for that of trading characters. It is the responsibility of the character to make sure the e-mail on his/her account remains correct and accessible.


Congratulations to Agent Of Saruman, Klowdz, Aitrus, Jadar Veovis, and Gay Hairdresser for their victories in today's Acumen Inquest. The next Inquest is scheduled for November 21st, 5pm EST.


When an approbation/blessing replaces an older approbation/blessing (this would occur only after you have 10 approbations/blessings) it will retain it's Essence Element if it had one. This way there is no penalty for using Essense Elements as soon as you wish.


Be advised, Essense Elements can now be attached to blessings as well as approbations.

The probability of finding the temple stone increases greatly after level 200.


The 30 second wait has been lowered to 10 seconds when an action is sent to the server too soon. The message "Player cannot be found or busy" indicates that the player's file (which could mean your own file) is currently being accessed. This should help eliminate the rare trade problems that can sometimes duplicate or make items/gold disappear.


You now can specify the amount when transporting 'all' kingdom assets. Note that transporting 'all' moves everything except for your guard. This should help speed up kingdom expansion.

The best relic in the game, Devil's Deliverance, has been upgraded to contain the Calling of Cara and Annulment.


The Info page contains information regarding password safety. You are strongly advised to read it and follow the guidelines.


The new quest item the Quickening has been upgraded. In addition to doubling level speed it now also doubles the chance to receive skill increases making it superior to the templar race upgrade in this respect (templar race upgrade gives you a 50% increase in chance where as this is a 100% increase). The effects are stackable with the templar race upgrade and the skillbinder.


The rarest of relics, the Devil's Deliverance, now has a voidance component. Note that these relics do still drop although it is extremely rare due to their power.


You can now transport into kingdoms regardless of their hourly status. You can still only transport out of kingdoms or wage war once per hour.

Voidances can no longer void other voidances. This will keep the advantage with the attacker but make it not as significant.


Guards and certain powerful creatures with advanced defense relics cannot be voided.

Trade time has been lowered from 10 seconds to 3.

A bug was eliminated that allowed for a small chance of duplicating items and gold while trading during lag spikes. Over the next several days the logs will be searched for any players who attempted to abuse this and they will be banned.


Congratulations to Agent Of Saruman, Guise, Hecates Revenge, Wrath, and Eternal Dragon for their victories in today's Acumen Inquest. The next Inquest is scheduled for October 20th, 11pm EST.


The Chained Libertine is now active.

The top 3 crafted armor sets (weapons and spells included) have special stat bonuses.

In the interest of balance the confusion component has been removed from the theurgist relics and added to the voidance relic.

Attacker's voidances fire before defender's to eliminate stalling tactics in Inquests.


The Theurgal Equalizer relic has been upgraded. It now lowers the randomness of Theurgist damage and has a confusion component in addition to the damage increase.


In celebration of RWK's 1 year anniversary 12 new drop-only relics have been added to the game. These relics are not intended to be more powerful than super relics but should allow for some new interesting tactics at the next Acumen Inquest

All 12 new relics are now craftable for a very high price. Also, due to the fact that they are not an extremely rare drop, their store sell back price has been lowered to 100 million.


Players are now allowed to coup as many times per hour as they wish as long as it is not a major kingdom. A player can still attempt to coup a major kingdom (combined assets over 10 million) only once per hour.


People who have slain a certain type of beast already that month will no longer even be able to touch it until the next Inquest. Furthermore, those who have the max amount of the strongest approbation will only be able to attack Unborn Torments.

In addition to what was said on the 19th: Your max starting hitpoints is determined by your base durability, however, after a fight has begun and enchantments and relics have fired they increase your max durability and thus your max hitpoints. Therefore, a player cannot begin a fight with more hitpoints than his base durability, however he can reach an amount of hitpoints equal to his modified durability during a round of combat with relics or heal spells. Having a high modded durability can work against those who wish to make use of the healing spell upgrade which was added on 2/25/2002.


Congratulations to Raybone, Clearrefer, Lord Magus, and Paulex, the winners of this month's Acumen Inquest!

To clarify a hazy topic: Your max starting battle hitpoints is determined by your base Durability, not your relic or item enhanced Durability.


Congratulations to Bruticus, Cyril, Werewolf689, Hecates Revenge, and Lucificate, the winners of this month's Acumen Inquest!


Accounts that are not accessed for 6 months will be deleted.


Congratulations to Dennis The Menace, Beatofficer, Clearrefer, Lord Cadderly, Aitrus, and Draco Aileron for their victories in last night's Acumen Inquest!


Congatulations to Raybone, Cyril, Gino21, and Zepplin, the winners of this month's Acumen Inquest!


There will never be refunds for accidental item destroys. The sell function was downgraded so that it will no longer work with enchanted items (your most valuable ones) and the DESTROY function was added as a means to sell these items when you are sure you want to get rid of them. Unless you are purposely clearing your inventory of enchanted goods use the sell function, not the destroy function to protect yourself from accidents.


Congratulations to Hatred, Bloody Balls2, Weyakin, Clearrefer, and Shahmat, the winners of the recent Acumen Inquest!


Shields upgraded to protect 3 times as well as other armors.

Guard power enhanced.

New types of weapons and spells added. You will need to experiment with them to learn their exact effects.

Bows and Arrows added. Those who use bows and arrows will deal 5 times the damage with 5 times the accuracy at the cost of a greater delay. Purchasing better arrows will lower this delay, however. Arrows are infinite. Damage dealt depends on your bow and Cnc and accuracy depends on Dex.

New class, Theurgists added to the game. Theurgists are those who deal damage by casting without any spells equipped. The amount of damage these beings do is extremely random and depends on Dur, accuracy depends on Cnc, however it is extremely rare for them to ever fizzle.


Healing spell upgrade: Healing spells now have the ability to bring you back to life if you are slain in combat. Whenever a heal spell heals you in excess of your durability, the excess is stored and will be used to revive you if you die during that round of combat. Thus this upgrade only is beneficial when you are initiating the attack.


Kingmanship upgrade: Kingmanship now affects the amount of interest you gain. At a skill of 99 you will gain 50% more interest for a total of .6% per hour.


New Skill added: Monk Discipline. Using the Monk Discipline players will be able to do damage with just their fists if they have NO weapons and NO shields in either hand. This skill promises great power to those who focus in it at length. Unlike other fighters, Monks do damage based on Cnt and their chance of landing a blow is dependant on Agi.

There is now a special bonus for people who use only one weapon or only one spell. If a hand slot is empty it will effectively double your melee damage, if a spell slot is empty it will effectively double your casting damage or healing potential.


Letting someone play your account who has been banned will also get your account banned. Accounts are personal and are not meant to be shared. This is your only warning.


The winners of the November 17th Acumen Inquest: Pagan Darkholm, Baraka, Hginir, Damndevildog, and Mordecai


The winners of the November 1st Acumen Inquest: Odessa, Mr Floppy Tankmage, Kepa, and Rickzstik


System security greatly enhanced. All account activity is stored and monitored. As a reminder, characters who break the rules will be permanently banned without warning.

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