Q: What kind of things am I NOT allowed to say in chat?

You may not ask or beg for free items anywhere in the game. You may not spam the chat with multiple lines in rapid succession. The buying, selling, and trading of things, be they items, characters, services, etc. is prohibited from shout and must be said in auction.

Don't ask for votes. Votes are when you say something like: Everyone who likes pizza type 911! This is inciting spam and is grounds for being muted. Don't start lottos. Lottos are things like: Whoever gives me 50k will get 2Mil back! These are considered to be SCAMS. So don't do it.

Don't badmouth RWK. If you don't like the game, then don't play it. Don't advertise other games.

If you feel you've been unfairly muted your only option is to send an email to help@ and the matter will be investigated. Mute evasion or false claims to unfair muting will result in more severe punishment.

Q: I can't access the URL at my work or school. How do I connect?

You can try connecting directly via (S1) and (S2) You will get warnings about the HTTPS certificate not being trusted by your browser, but you can force your browser to connect using HTTPS which is still safer than doing anything unencrypted.

Q: I am having connection issues. Is there any solution?

We can tunnel RWK through several different proxies which has the potential to allow you to dodge an overloaded or failing router. Some will be faster than others based on your location. Reminder: Never connect to RWK except through an address we have provided you.

For Server 1 we have the following:
https://rwk1.racewarkingdoms.com (Standard Site Address)
For Server 2 we have the following:
https://rwk2.racewarkingdoms.com (Standard Site Address)

Q: Why do I get a blank screen when I try to log in?

Try turning off any browser addons/extensions first. Then try disabling your anti-virus.

Q: Is lying and the use of propaganda allowed in RWK?

It is NOT legal to lie in order to scam other players out of their belongings. It is NOT legal to mislead other players about aspects of the game in an effort to discourage them or for any other reason. The one thing you may do safetly is lie about the identity of your character(s). This allows you to have multiple characters with different allegiances. Keep in mind that if you break any game rules with any of your characters then they could all be banned or we may reveal your identity as a punishment.

Q: I'm going away for an extended period of time, will my account be deleted?

Any account that has a purchasable quest item or super relic (MR, CR, VS or better) will never be deleted. Accounts that have no purchasable items may be deleted after 6 months of not being accessed, however.

Q: Can you delete my character or transfer my purchased items?

We cannot delete characters on request or allow quested or purchased items to be transfered. There really is no way to "ruin" a character. Every decision you make for your character can eventually be changed with work. When you reach max level and continue to level, for instance, your stats are shifted allowing you to achieve the ratios you desire.

Q: What are the rules for speaking in emote?

Same as shout.

Q: Why do I get 24 hour banned for password guessing when I haven't entered any incorrect passwords?

Some Internet Service Providers (ISP's) such as AOL use the same IP address for many users at the same time. Due to this, when one user causes the IP address to be blocked all the users on that address suffer the consequences. The only permanent solution is to switch to an ISP that provides you with a unique IP address.

Q: How do I play?

Simply go to http://www.RaceWarKingdoms.com and create a player.  You will be required to verify the character creation via e-mail.  After that all you have to do is remember your character's name and password and you can play Race War Kingdoms from anywhere you have web access.

Q: Can I share/trade/swap/borrow/etc RWK accounts?

Sharing accounts is not something that we seek out and ban players for, but it should be avoided. Account ownership becomes murky in these situations, and problems will no doubt arise. We will not assist you in resolving these problems. Don't share accounts. See the below question for the rule about account ownership that can and will get you banned if broken.

Q: Can I trade RWK accounts or stuff for other stuff?

You are not allowed to trade RWK accounts or items for items in other games or anything of monetary value. See the ToU linked below.

Q: Can I please have some gold, anybody?

Not only will you not receive any gold from begging, but you risk losing your account.  Please refrain from begging (you can 'role-play' a beggar elsewhere) and help keep Race War Kingdoms free of annoying spam.

Q: My graphic window doesn't switch the map when I move, why?

Go to "Actions", "Options", "Graphic Window Update" and select "Automatic".

Q: Why am I not gaining experience and leveling even though I'm fighting?

Go to "Actions", "Skills", and change the amount of experience you are directing toward skills. Putting 99% of your experience toward skills means you hardly have any going toward leveling your character.

Q: Why is my font so big/small?

Hold ctrl and roll your mouse wheel up/down to adjust text size or do so manually by clicking view on your browser.

Q: Why are some of the items in my inventory called "Undefined"?

You have an old version of the javascript interface in your browser's cache. Please clear your cache by clicking Tools->Internet Options->Delete Files->OK. This may also fix problems with page loads if you ever have them.

Q: What are the INQUEST rules?

They can be found here.

Q: My ping/connection to RWK is bad or laggy, but it's good to other sites. Why?

See: this.

Q: This FAQ sucks, where can I get more help?

You can type /help in the game at any time to receive a link to the official help site or check the forums .

See Also: Info - Actions - FAQ

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