In chat, there are 4 types of communication:

1. SHOUT is the main channel to which messages go unless otherwise directed. Shout is the most commonly used form of chat. There are 3 different colors that a character's text can appear when using Shout. It depends upon their location. A character's location is shown before their name in Shout in this form: [xxx,Plane,xxx]. The x's are their location on the map and Plane is based upon what plane (ie. Surface, Sky, Heaven, Dungeon or Hell) the person is on. The plane is also what changes a person's color text. If their location is Sky, their writing will appear blue.  If their location is Hev (heaven), their writing will appear a darker blue. If their location is Sur (surface) their writing will appear white. If their location is Dun (dungeon) their writing will appear pink. If their location is Hel (hell), their writing will appear a darker pink. For example:

[100,Sur,112] Jeff: RWK rules!
[123,Sky,011] Cara: This game is amazing!
[016,Dun,239] Aleks: I'm having so much fun!
[123,Hel,011] Tom: Can I have some gold?
[016,Hev,239] Maryanne: Don't beg or you'll be muted!

Now, the content of chat isn't always like this (although it should be), but you get the idea.

2. Auction is the green text and is used to buy/sell/update bids/announce that you are looking for an item. However, unlike in shout, you only have 45 messages per hour that you can say in Auction. Auctions can be turned off under OPTIONS in the drop down menu that starts with New Fight. To write a message in auction, either type /a then your message or simply change the chat channel (the drop down box that starts with SHOUT) to auction and your message will go into Auction. By default, all messages that contain the word(s): bids, sell, sale, and buy automatically go into Auction.

3. Another form of chat is Emote. When a person emotes, their writing appears as white italic text. To emote, simply type /e then your message.

4. Private messaging. When you receive a private message from someone, it shows their name and then a message written in purple.  To private message a person, simply click their name and type your message OR type /m charactername: your message.

When you receive a drop when fighting a creature, it will show up in huge yellow text so you can't miss it.

Also, when an Admin is online a message from them in Shout would be BIGGER than everyone else's and they won't have a location by their name; only the word Admin. This means a creator of the game is online. It's best not to bother them.

Character has been struck by lightning!
Character has been smitten! ... and there was much rejoicing

When it says a character has been struck by lightning as shown above, it means they have been muted by a Deity.
When it says a character has been smitten, it means they have been permanently banned from the game.

Another feature of chat is if you type /t, it gives you the current RWK time. You will notice there is a word before the time which probably doesn't make a lot of sense to most people. This word is the day of the RWK week. Except in a RWK week, there are 9 days instead of 7. The days are as follows:

Day 1 - Echla
Day 2 - Sherknu
Day 3 - Remchlea
Day 4 - Ornivo
Day 5 - Neaschar
Day 6 - Lumgre
Day 7 - Makyal
Day 8 - Quano
Day 9 - Polan

Typing /skill will show you what your current skill abilities are at (listed on the Skills page).

Typing /stats will show you what your stats are after your relics fire (listed in the announcements).

For a complete list of all chat shortcuts, type /faq in the game.


The Rules of Chat

The first thing people notice and go to in the game is the chat. So, Glitchless is going to lay out the rules of chat to help make it so newbies don't get banned or muted before they even get to know what the game is all about. Also, just to make sure EVERYONE knows the rules and can't complain that they 'didn't know why they were muted.'. Listed below are the RULES OF CHAT which must be followed and are strictly enforced. When you are muted for bad chat behavior, you cannot chat for up to an hour and if bad behavior persists for a second or third time, you may be banned all together from the game.

1. Don't spam. Don't fill up the chat screen with useless, repeated messages, phrases, letters or numbers.

2. Don't beg. Don't ask people for gold, items, donations, etc. If you want gold, play the game. If you need items, fight to get gold so you can buy them yourself.

3. Don't ask for votes. Votes are when you say something like: Everyone who likes pizza type 911! This is inciting spam and is grounds for being muted. If you REALLY want to know who likes pizza, say something like: Everyone who likes pizza PM me and tell me about it!

4. Don't start lottos. Lottos are things like: Whoever gives me 50k will get 2Mil back! These are considered to be SCAMS. So don't do it.

5. Don't Auction in Shout. There's a reason for all the above mentioned words go directly to Auction (sell, sale, buy and bids); so if someone makes a mistake and forgets to put their message in Auction, it'll automatically go there for them. That's what the Auction channel is there for. Use it!

6. Don't badmouth RWK. If you don't like the game, then don't play.

7. Don't advertise other games.

8. Do not thank people who give you trivial amounts of gold. This includes people who give you "yellow spam". Thank them in private messages all you want, but do not pollute chat with it. To define trivial: it's anywhere from 1 gold to... let's say.... 100 million.

9. If you wish to buy/sell/trade items from another game you MUST have the templar upgrade. Other players and mods can tell whether you have this upgrade because your location will show as asterisks. The vast majority of low level players offering trades from other games are scammers looking to make a quick buck. This will help prevent scamming when doing deals between other games because each attempt will effectively cost the scammer 50 dollars.

10. It is NOT legal to lie in order to scam other players out of their belongings. It is NOT legal to mislead other players about aspects of the game in an effort to discourage them or for any other reason. The one thing you may do safely is lie about the identity of your character(s). This allows you to have multiple characters with different allegiances. Keep in mind that if you break any game rules with any of your characters then they could all be banned or we may reveal your identity as a punishment.

11. The emote channel is reserved for those who wish to roleplay. It has its own set of moderators that will determine whether you are contributing to the roleplaying discussion or merely causing trouble. Not following the rules of the moderators in this area of chat will result in you being chastised and disallowed to speak there for an hour. As with any rule, repeatedly breaking this can result in banning.